Our Mission

« A company’s ability to innovate is intimately linked to how well it manages its business know-how, that key intangible corporate asset that must be shared, reused and enriched in order to develop new products, or for technological and competitive oversight. Strategic processes rely on the ability to develop, exchange and circulate unstructured, high-value-added business content: reports, proceedings, emails, descriptive files, technical specifications, correspondence, contracts, etc.

How effective these processes are is critical when facing internal challenges. And when it comes to outside challenges, the need for effective processes for handling business documentation is no less crucial: the ability to monitor the content delivered to partners and clients has been clearly identified as a factor that sets a company apart. And the amount of unstructured information companies handle is growing rapidly. According to Goldman Sachs, 90% of content of business value is unstructured (until recently the number cited was 80% » Jenny de Montaigne CXP.


The problem

  • Data and document production is facing exponential growth at every organization
  • This content resides in a variety of formats and is often scattered
  • Technology’s rapid acceleration means that most acquired knowledge is now superfluous, and the value of time is paramount
  • Company and system organization is exceedingly complex


The consequences:

  • Reuse of accumulated knowledge is difficult, and almost non-existent.
  • This results in a tremendous shortfall in productivity.


The Magillem Solution

Magillem offers its customers Meta-X, a software solution that provides integration of a business segment’s or ecosystem’s content (group of companies, organizations, administrations, etc.) in order to:

  • Transcribe them into a standardized metalanguage (*)
  • Describe them in very precise terms based on business parameters,
  • Store them dynamically,
  • Organize them by “business object blocks”
  • Assemble them for new applications


Our added value...

...is twofold:

  • Operationally: our solution helps develop tools already in place, limits turbulence caused by changes, improves methodologies, preserves intangible capital, introduces a workflow that is optimized, long-term and open. We facilitate access to information, communication and collaboration.
  • Strategically: by prioritizing business processes and the unstructured information used to document such processes, we make companies more competitive, improve productivity, lessen the risk new developments will fail, provide independence to business experts from software sellers, facilitate the reuse of expertise, alliances, updated synergies, M&A and innovation.


June 2014

Magillem will be present at DAC 2014 in San Francisco, CA - On 1- 5 June - For more info...

May 2014

Magillem will be present at CHIPEX,  in Tel Aviv, Israel - On May the 1st- For more info...

March 2014

Magillem will be present at DV CON in San Jose, CA - On 3 - 6 March- For more info...

October 2013

Magillem was present at DITA FESTA Conference in Japan -

Magillem was present at the ARM TechCon conference in Santa Clara, California. -

June 2013

Interview of Pascal Chauvet, VP of Technical Marketing at Magillem at DAC13. For more Info...

Magillem was present at DAC 2013, Austin, TX,

April 2013

Magillem was present at DITA North America 2013 , Providence, RI,



April 2010
-Magillem joins the ARM Connected Community.
-Magillem and Third Millennium Marketing have just entered into a Business Development Agreement to leverage the potential of Magillem innovative methodology and design platform within major IDM accounts such as STMicroelectronics and Texas Instrumentss.
March 2010
-Magillem was present at Embedded World 2010 in Nuremberg.
-Magillem was present at Date (Dresden-Germany)
February 2010
-Magillem introduces Rev.Enge, the first solution, tackling the obsolescence issue in the electronic CAD flow, leveraging on the IEEE 1685 IP-XACT format.
January 2010
-Magillem becomes member of Cap Digital; a Parisian business cluster for digital content and services.
-Magillem participated to the ICT conference organized by the French National Research Agency (ANR) at La Cité des Sciences Paris.
December 2009
-IP-Xact standard was approved! It became IEEE 1685
November 2009
-Magillem is public since Novermber 26th and traded on the Euronext Paris stock exchange.
ISIN Code: FR0010827741
-Magillem selected EDA Consulting Firm Tokyo NanoFarm LLC as its Executive Agent In japan