Magillem SOC front-end design flow

June 2017, Austin (Texas – USA) – Posted on
Interview of Isabelle Geday, CEO of Magillem about SoC Front-end Design flow optimizing reuse and experts productivity, for Design and Reuse during the Design Automation Conference 2017, Austin, TX (USA).


Austin, TX (USA) June 18-22, 2017
Interview of Vincent Thibaut, Vice President Strategic Planning and co-founder of Magillem, for EDACafé during the Design Automation Conference 2017, Austin, TX (USA).

Magillem EDA solution selected by Renesas
for design automation, IP packaging and content generation

Paris, France – June 12th, 2017
Tokyo, Japan- June 18th, 2017- Magillem, a leading provider of software solutions for complex front end design and documentation flow, today announced that Renesas Electronics Corporation has adopted Magillem’s EDA solution for its design automation, IP packaging and content generation.
« Renesas is continuously looking for better ways to reach the highest level of quality. The adoption of the IP-XACT standard and the deployment of Magillem’s design flow helps us establish a more robust automation environment for both the hardware and the software aspects of our products » said Toshinori Inoshita, Senior Manager, Elemental Technology Development Div. 1, Renesas System Design Co., Ltd.
Renesas products are positioned in very aggressive markets, requiring large number of product derivatives in order to satisfy all different customers requirements. Repeatability of the design processes, portability of the design flows and real IP reuse solution are a must.
A single sourcing environment based on an undisputed IEEE industry standard and built around Magillem allows Renesas to quickly react to changes in the product requirements despite development teams being spread across multiple continents.
« We are excited about our solution being chosen by Renesas. This allows us to demonstrate the full potential of our method and software when implementing complex SOC design processes », said Pascal Chauvet, Magillem VP Strategic Accounts Manager. « It validates the trend we have been observing of companies implementing solid automation platforms based on a single industry standard format to unify all their design activities. The message is clear: higher productivity and quality cannot be built on a collection of point tools. They require a consistent end to end design flow solution ».

Magillem EDA solution selected by Renesas for design automation, IP packaging and content generation

June, 2017 – Published on
Magillem, a leading provider of software solutions for complex front end design and documentation flow, today announced that Renesas Electronics Corporation has adopted Magillem’s EDA solution for its design automation, IP packaging and content generation…

Simplifying Requirements Tracing

June 9th, 2017 – Published on
Requirements traceability is a necessary part of any top-down system specification and design when safety or criticality expectations depend on tightly-defined requirements for subsystems. Traceability in this context means being able to trace from initial documented requirements down through specification and datasheet documents to the design implementation and to the testplan. Standards such as ISO26262, DO-187C and IEC 61508 demand that critical requirements be verified by demonstrating traceability through these documents and design materials…

Magillem organizes business seminar at the French Embassy in Tokyo (Japan)

Paris, France – June 9th, 2017
Magillem, the leading provider of front-end design xml solutions, best-in-class tools to reduce the global cost of complex designs, organizes, for the second year, a business seminar to present its solutions to Semiconductors and Embedded Systems companies in partnership with Business France, the national agency which promotes the internationalization of the French economy, on Wednesday, June 28th, at the French Embassy in Tokyo (Japan).
ISDD®, i.e. Integrating Specification, Design & Documentation, Magillem’s new paradigm in SoC design will be discussed through customers success stories as an innovative solution addressing the most pressing market issues: traceability, consistency, integrity of data, doing it right the first time, re-using knowledge and assets, speeding up the design cycle…

“Sustainable innovation to drive SoC design efficiency”

Paris, France – June 9th, 2017
Join us, booth #2029, June 18-22, 2017 – AUSTIN Convention Center
Magillem, the leading provider of front-end design xml solutions, best-in-class tools to reduce the global cost of complex designs, is embracing ISDD®, i.e. Integrating Specification, Design & Documentation, the new paradigm in SoC design and will present customers success stories and innovative solutions addressing the most pressing market issues : traceability, consistency, integrity of data, doing it right the first time, re-using knowledge and assets, speeding up the design cycle…
Magillem takes on critical challenges of Semiconductors and Embedded Systems companies by delivering real competitive value, and taking their process to the next level of efficiency, sustainability and quality.

Magillem ‘s strategic deployment in Asia

Sans-titre-1Press release – Paris, March 24th, 2017
Magillem opens a new branch in Hong-Kong, to establish the hub of its Asian operations
The Magillem Hong Kong office, opened since March 1st, 2017, will strengthen the presence of Magillem in territories where its business grows rapidly. Already Magillem‘s revenue in Asia represents almost 40% of the total sales of the company. Magillem’s Asian customers are located in Japan, Korea, Taïwan, Singapore. This new office expands the international network of Magillem in Paris (France), Palo Alto (USA), Tokyo (Japan), Seoul (Korea).
Magillem is proud to announce a first major long term contract in mainland China
Magillem already benefits from distribution and support services provided by its agent NEWPLUS, out of Beijing, and led by Felix WONG, a seasoned veteran of the EDA market. To accelerate sales, the company is now recruiting three resources in mainland China: a Business Development Director and two Senior Applications engineers.
Magillem is a partner of the IRONMAN 70.3 Liuzhou triathlon race, one of the most difficult sports event in the world:
On April 1st, 2017, the Ironman Triathlon, one of a series of long-distance triathlon races organized by the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC), takes place in Liuzhou, China. Magillem is sponsoring David De Paula, an accomplished tri athlete, who is also its Vice President of Worldwide Sales.
For this session IRONMAN 70.3 Liuzhou, athletes begin with a swim (1,9 km) in the Liu River, cutting right through the center of the city. Then, the bike course takes riders to go out and back along the river for 90 km. Finally, the run course consists in a two-loop run through downtown Liuzhou and along both banks of the Liu River for 21 km.
It will be David’s fifth IRONMAN race !

Accompagner à domicile les survivants d’un AVC :
lancement du programme collaboratif MEMENTO avec le soutien de l’ANR et la CNSA

Magillem participe au programme collaboratif Memento, dédié à l’accompagnement à domicile des survivants d’un accident vasculaire cérébrale.
Communiqué de la société BLUELINEA – 28 février 2017
cropped-cropped-logo Bluelinea, opérateur d’objets et services connectés dédiés au maintien à domicile de personnes fragiles et dépendantes, annonce sa participation au programme MEMENTO, dédié à l’accompagnement, à domicile, des survivants d’un accident vasculaire cérébrale (AVC). Associé à de nouveaux partenaires technologiques et financiers, le CEA List, l’IFSTTAR, Magillem Design Services et la Fondation Hopale, Bluelinea a été sélectionné pour son expertise dans l’accompagnement de personnes fragiles et dépendantes et la gestion de situations d’urgence.

Ce projet s’inscrit en parallèle de son implication au programme européen collaboratif STARR, aux côtés de CEA List et Telefonica. Bluelinea est en effet aujourd’hui au cœur d’une dynamique de croissance portée par trois grands axes de développement : l’augmentation du nombre de particuliers abonnés à ses services, le renforcement de son activité auprès des établissements de santé et la participation à des grands projets structurants.

Une cause majeure de santé publique…

New design tools bring large-area LED products on the market with speed, quality and lower costs

Published on – 02-08-2017
eurekalert The main objective of Delphi4LED is to develop a standardized method to create multi-domain (thermal-optical-electrical) LED based design and simulation tools for the solid-state lighting industry.
Magillem is one of software partners of the Delphi4LED consortium. We develop required software tools and provide knowledge of simulation and integration of multidomain compact models.

Magillem : surdouée de la croissance

Article publié le 3 février sur
Magillem Design Services fait partie du palmarès des champions de la croissance 2017, selon le classement Les Echos – Statista.
Le déficit de croissance que l’on constate au niveau national n’empêche pas de nombreuses entreprises françaises de réaliser des scores flatteurs de progression en chiffre d’affaires et en emplois sur plusieurs années.
Grâce à l’étude de Statista, on connaît mieux ces champions souvent obscurs et les créneaux sur lesquels de belles aventures entrepreneuriales sont encore possibles…

SoC Integration using IP Lifecycle Management Methodology

Published on – 01-27-2017
semiwikiSmall EDA companies often focus on a single point tool and then gradually over time they add new, complementary tools to start creating more of a sub-flow to help you get that next SoC project out on time.
The most astute EDA companies often choose to partner with other like-minded companies to create tools that work together well, so that your CAD department doesn’t have to cobble together a working solution. I was pleased to find two such EDA companies that have worked well together on SoC integration using IP lifecycle management methodology, Methodics and Magillem…

La simulation numérique au coeur d’une plénière du pôle

Publication Systematic Paris Region Digital Ecosystem du 19 janvier 2017
La plénière du Groupe Thèmatique « Outils de Conception et développement des systèmes – OCDS » de Systematic Paris-Region s’est tenue le 18 janvier 2017 à Thales R&T et a accueilli 81 structures (Grands groupes, ETI, PME et académiques). Retour sur ce temps fort de la vie du Pôle auprès de l’écosystème du logiciel et numérique.
logoCette plénière axée sur le thème de la simulation numérique et multi physique a été l’occasion de mettre en exergue l’importance de la simulation dans les divers secteurs industriels. Des secteurs où le jumeau numérique (Digital Twins) devient incontournable pour résoudre les phénomènes physiques complexes. Des intervenants de qualité (AREVA, Bertin, CADLM, CEA, ESI, Scilab) ont mis en évidence l’apport de la simulation vis-à-vis des deux aspects : « l’innovation technologique et scientifique » et « les retombées industrielles et économiques » et ce à travers les deux projets MECASIF et MUSICAS labellisés par le pôle Systematic.

OCDS-plenièreLa qualité du contenu et la richesse des débats ont permis de dynamiser cette matinée, en soulignant une fois de plus la dimension de la simulation à l’égard de la compétitivité des entreprises et ses enjeux dans les domaines industriels et scientifiques.

Cette plénière a également été centrée sur le volet « Business » pour mettre en avant les diverses offres du pôle Systematic destinées à aider au développement économique des partenaires.
Elle a permis d’entendre le témoignage de la PME MAGILLEM élue « Champion du pôle » en 2016 et celui de la PME DPS pépite du GT OCDS.

La plénière s’est terminée par les présentations d’une quinzaine de projets et compétences en vue de la préparation notamment de l’AAP FUI24 avec notamment pour thèmes : la recherche d’information dans les corpus chiffrés, l’ingénierie de système d’algorithmes pour l’internet des objets, la réduction de modèle et le contrôle des incertitudes, l’analyse de risque ou encore la modélisation de systèmes embarqués complexes.

[Champion #2] Magillem : l’architecte des documents complexes


« Construire des ponts entre les documents, les technologies et les hommes est une synthèse ambitieuse au regard du savoir-faire de Magillem. Portrait à la loupe d’un « Champion du numérique » qui conçoit notamment pour le monde de l’infiniment petit des puces, des solutions de traduction et d’intégration de milliers de documents en compagnie d’Emmanuel Vaumorin, Directeur Général Délégué… »

Le Nouvel Economiste N°1845
Du 2 au 8 décembre 2016 – Page 5

« Magillem : La coopération au cœur de l’innovation !

Permettre une coopération intelligente et sans faille entre les métiers au sein des entreprises, telle est la vocation de Magillem, éditeur de logiciels spécialisé dans la Conception Assistée par Ordinateur. Depuis dix ans, l’audacieuse entreprise se distingue par sa croissance rapide, son implantation internationale (94% de son chiffre d’affaires) et sa différenciation technologique… »
FR - Lire l'interview en françaisUK - Read the interview in English

Innovation Fueled By Cooperation : Meet Magillem, A Bold French CAD Software Editor Which Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary This Year

Isabelle Geday, Magillem’s CEO and Emmanuel Vaumorin, Magillem’s co-founder and delegate CEO, tell us about their company and the sofware products that they market, which enable smart and flawless cooperation across different functional teams in electronics and semiconductor industries.

Magillem features a double-digit growth, global locations generating 94% of its annual revenue, and a huge technology differentiator. What’s the recipe for its success?

Isabelle Geday: A unique vision combined with a listening attitude– we have learned our lessons through observing the way big electronics companies design their products, just like Hollywood studios or videogame firms : they deliver in agressive time-to-market expensive and complex blockbusters that are short-lived. Funding the development of such products is so expensive that a single failure can take companies out of the market. The challenge is therefore to find a way to maximize return on investment from knowledge acquisition.

Magillem’s product offer is focused on optimizing processes and tools to make knowledge assets valuable through saving time and fostering collaboration across teams. We’ve also been convinced since the beginning that XML would become a standard programming language to specify, develop and document software using a unique development framework. So it is both by observing what was going on in the industry and being convinced that XML would become super pervasive that we have managed to establish our footprint with 18 to 20 world leaders in microelectronics and semiconductor manufacturing.

Today we keep questioning our clients and partners about their needs in order to address better their requests for change and evolving business models.

How did Magillem start?

Emmanuel Vaumorin: Everything started with the encounter of five electronics engineers and a team of business angels. Since its creation in 2006, Magillem has delivered business solutions that leverage tremendously the design, analysis and management processes of complex, heterogeneous microelectronic systems.

We provide tools that both facilitate and automate workflows. For example, any change made by a given team will be propagated to files used by other teams without error. Thanks to smarter collaboration processes, we enable our customers to build error-free, consistent and more usable solutions.

In 2006 Magillem was a small startup. How did you manage to convince world leaders?

Isabelle Geday: Leaders in our industry are very open to cooperation with start-ups! And we have mixed three ingredients: a technology-savvy strategy, an unfailing dedication to our customers and competitive pricing. Our customers are demanding people who thrive in innovation. You know the expression : “ if you can’t run with the big dogs , stay under the porch”, we want to run with the champions.

Within Magillem, apprenticeship and remote work are extensively used. What are the benefits?

Isabelle Geday: In order to address effectively the technology challenges that we face we have designed a homemade training program that we deliver to future engineers through apprenticeship. This way we ensure that the young graduates that we hire match 100% of our technical expectations.
Remote work is an excellent solution to hire people with top skills. Today most of our R&D team members work remotely. They enjoy the flexibility and we have a low staff turnover rate. Everyone wins!

In 2016, Magillem celebrates its 10th anniversary. Have you changed your management style?

Isabelle Geday: We have reorganized and “liberated” the company in a way that makes it more agile and which stimulates creativity. With a flat hierarchy and emphasis on high personal responsibility we have created an amazing work environment characterized by trust, teamwork and open communication.
As a result people feel rewarded and our work processes are smoother. This change was required as we are convinced that people are our most valuable asset.

How about new trends in management of innovation?

Isabelle Geday: Our presence in technology consortiums, numerous partners and alliances, coupled with extensive linkage with universities, R&D labs and technology providers create a technology ecosystem that enables us to exist among big players.

What is your next challenge ?

Emmanuel Vaumorin: Today, microelectronics accounts for more than 60% of the R&D budget of big firms in the automotive, aerospace, defense and railway industries. In these sectors, firms have started developing their own platforms, particularly to address IoT challenges. These potential customers are our next target, so our objective is to expand our business in geographies like Germany or China. More generally, we plan to be anywhere in the world where high-potential firms need to maximize in the long-term the value of their business expertise.

Special Magazine: Business Companies
L’Express – September 2016.

« Magillem : Audace, originalité et excellence !

Atypique par son organisation, son rayonnement international (94 % de son CA), son financement, Magillem, éditeur de logiciels spécialisé dans la Conception Assistée par Ordinateur, fait figure d’oiseau rare dans la haute technologie. Isabelle Geday, sa dirigeante, revient sur ces dix années d’exception… »

EDACAFE / DAC 2016, Austin, TX (USA)
June 5-9, 2016.

Interview of Isabelle Geday (Magillem CEO) & Pascal Chauvet (Magillem Vice President, Strategic accounts) for EDACafé during the Design Automation Conference 2016, Austin, TX (USA).

Solution to allow SoC design teams to deliver System-on-Chips faster and at reduced cost by simplifying the IP integration environment

May 2016
Methodics Inc, a leader in platform based design, storage optimization, and workspace acceleration solutions for complex System-on-Chip (SoC) designs, today announced a partnership with Magillem to deliver an innovative design environment linking best in class solutions to improve time to market and reduce cost of development for today’s increasingly more complex semiconductors.
As heightened competition drives semiconductor companies to innovate more quickly and deliver new products faster than ever to meet customer demands, companies must find ways to optimize how they develop and deliver products. Leading SoC companies are looking to capitalize on and allow for reuse of their extensive IP collections to quickly deliver new and derivative designs from products that have already been successfully produced….

Unified management for both design data and document
and easier to get safety feature

April 2016
NikkeiElec Pascal interview article April2016

English translation

Minalogic Presents 11 Cutting-Edge French Companies and Labs
at the Design Automation Conference in San Francisco

June 2015
Minalogic, the French innovation cluster dedicated to smart systems integration and digital solutions, will accompany 9 innovative French companies and 2 labs at the Design Automation Conference (DAC), the USA’s premier conference for design and automation of electronic systems.
Grenoble, France and San Francisco, California – Minalogic, the French innovation cluster dedicated to smart systems integration and digital solutions, will accompany 9 innovative French companies and 2 labs at the Design Automation Conference (DAC), the USA’s premier conference for design and automation of electronic systems. The French delegation of companies includes Asygn, CWS, DeFacTo Technologies, Docea Power, EdXact, InfiniScale, Iroc Technologies, Magillem and Xyalis, as well as the CEA Tech Leti and CMP labs…

Toshiba Information Systems (Japan) Corp. and Magillem Design Services
agree on technical support partnership of IP-XACT certified tool.

June 2015
■ Technical support of IEEE1685(IP-XACT) certified tool on high-level design(ESL) area.
■ Provide high quality technical support by cooperation with Magillem from tool evaluation stage to post delivery support.
■ Improve design/verification efficiency not only just for LSI single component but also embedded area covered.
Toshiba Information Systems(Japan) Corp. (HQ: Kawawaki Japan) has agreed to provide technical support (in Japan) for Magillem(HQ Paris France) on its IEEE1685(IP-XACT) certified tool.
Magillem has been established in France on Nov. 2006 and has been providing production level IP reuse based design methodology and solutions to first tier customers around the world. Magillem’s main offices are in Paris and in Santa Clara . Magillem provides a solution for IEEE1685(IP-XACT cerified IP based development flow of SoC. that have been increasing in design size as well as expanding IP usage.
Here is a list of solutions that Magillem is offering:
  • Solution for RTL: Auto-generation of verification environment including verification IP and UVM, auto-generation of netlist for synthesis tool.
  • TLM based platform generation: Assembly of TLM IP which can be hierarchical, netlist generation of SystemC TLM which is supported by major EDA vendors (Cadence, Synopsys and Mentor).
  • Solution for Analog: Auto-execution of analog simulator with conditions described in a document and its results are reflected back to its document automatically.
  • Sync with a document and a design: Realization of full synchronization of design data (port, register, parameter information and others) with its document(specification)
Toshiba Info System will provide total support in high-level design (ESL) area with especially System C in Japan market, which covers from tool evaluation stage to post technical support. High-Level design methodology is one of Toshiba Info System’s expert areas, and our users have requested the methodology in SoC development whose design size continues to increase. We will continue providing LSI solution which can lead its industry.

About Toshiba Information Systems
We are part of Toshiba and has been providing most suitable solution to our customer’s needs in heathcare, embedded system, LSI and System Integration areas. For details, please visit : (In Japanese

Magillem will exhibit at DAC 2015, San Francisco, CA on June 8-11, 2015 – Booth # 2414 (ARM CC)

June 2015,
Launching X-Spec: Magillem eXecutable Specification Tools Suite enables Internet of Things smart nodes prototyping

EdacafeParis, France – June 3rd, 2015. Magillem , the leading provider of EDA xml based solutions and best-in-class tools to reduce the global cost of complex designs, offers the only front end design solution covering Specification to ESL to RTL with the same IEEE1685 xml design database.
Magillem software platform is used to assemble the largest SoCs in the world: wireless, set top boxes, processors… and has proven to be the most versatile and powerful connectivity and register management environment. Also easily addressed are ASICs or FPGAs with multiple configurations.
Magillem at DAC 2015: Virtual prototyping meeting IoT Specific requirements

Magillem partnering with Imperas

February 2015
Enabling Internet of Things, using virtual platforms
Magillem, the leading provider of front-end design xml solutions and best-in-class tools to reduce the global cost of complex designs, announces its partnership with Imperas ( to leverage Imperas models in its X-Spec solution.
Sensor-laden intelligent devices invade our world and change the way to design systems. Many products and services have already crossed over into the Internet of Thing (IoT). Increased software functionality, coupled with multiple IoT nodes concurrency, has increased the complexity and scale of embedded software in typical development projects. The software component of these projects already represents their largest cost center , and the increase in concurrency sends design productivity barriers spiraling out of control. Virtual platform techniques are more than ever the best way to accelerate embedded software development and provide early validation of systems […]

Chiffre d’affaires en hausse de 16% sur l’exercice 2013-2014

December 2014
“Une nouvelle année de croissance tirée par les ventes à l’international”
Magillem, éditeur de logiciels spécialisés dans l’organisation et le ré-emploi des données clés des entreprises, et dédiés à l’accroissement de leur productivité, publie ce jour les résultats audités de l’exercice 2013-14 clos le 30 juin dernier et approuvés par l’assemblée générale du 17 décembre 2014…

Magillem is embracing ISDD™, Integrated Specification, Design & Documentation, the new paradigm in SoC design

May 2014
“Sustainable innovation to drive industries’ efficiency”
Paris, France – May 30th, 2014. Magillem , the leading provider of front-end design xml solutions, best-in-class tools to reduce the global cost of complex designs, is embracing ISDD ™, i.e. Integrated Specification, Design & Documentation , the new paradigm in SoC design and will present customers success stories with innovative solutions addressing the most pressing market trends…

Magillem to commercialize STMicroelectronics TLM modelling environment and methodology

March 2014 Magillem, the leading provider of front-end design xml solutions to reduce the global cost of complex SoC and FPGA platforms, is proud to announce that it has signed an OEM agreement with STMicroelectronics to broaden Magillem’s ESL offering with the inclusion of ST’s TLM modelling environment and methodology. Thanks to this partnership, Magillem will provide ST’s customers and partners with a standard based SystemC TLM infrastructure for the creation and the analysis of Virtual Platforms…