Magillem’s IP-Xact based platforms, derived from IP-reuse methodology, solve the challenge of maintaining consistency between various representations of a system, by single sourcing the data from the specification, for Hardware design, embedded Software and documentation.
schema-products-2 Magillem Register View Coming soon Magillem X-Spec MagillemIP-XACT Packager Magillem Platform Assembly Magillem Register Engine Magillem Design Life Management Magillem Exact Software Magillem Sequence Editor Magillem Requirement based UVM Verification and Traceability Magillem Generator Studio Magillem Content Platform Magillem Link Tracer Magillem Impact Coverage Magillem Crystal Bulb Magillem Focus Group Capture Memory or Connectivity based Architecture in IP-XACT to streamline Requirements to Design refinement Ready for IoT. Execute your spec. Predict the behavior of your smart device Create an Ip-Xact certified Description. Input the legacy IP in a new IP xact based flow Integrated Design Environment with creation and management of designs Collaborative work on Register View of systems and IPs Execute Embedded Software on automatically generated and highly re-configurable Virtual Prototype Powerful integrated development environment Ensuring coherency, integrity and quality of design related content Full Traceability in the front-end design flow Consolidation and monitoring Virtually unlimited type of data Knowledge Capture accross multiple channels