Magillem Product Training

We provide five standard types of training programs on how to take advantage of IP-XACT and Magillem tools in a design flow : exploration, analysis and evaluation of Magillem´s tools. We can also craft a custom training program for your teams.

BASIC Training:

Day 1:
■ 9am-1pm: IP-XACT overview
■ 2pm-6pm: IP-XACT in depth
Day 2:
■ 9pm- 1pm: IP-XACT for a purpose
■ 2pm-5pm: Use cases
■ 5pm-6pm: Knowledge management and Q&A

PREMIUM Training:

■ Duration: Three weeks
■ Location: On site or at Magillem´s premises
■ Resources: One Magillem Expert engineer
■ Premium Training seminars are usually planned for groups of 4 people max
■ Agenda: Flow analysis and requirements
■ Content:
○ IP repository examples study
○ Study of customer´s flow and requirements

REGISTER Training program:

Day 1:
■ 9am-1pm: IP-XACT elements for registers
■ 2pm-6pm: Special registers representation
Day 2:
■ 9pm- 1pm: Register configurability and system
■ 2pm-5pm: Register flow
■ 5pm-6pm: Knowledge management and Q&A

CONNECTIVITY Training program:

Day 1:
■ 9am-1pm: IP-XACT elements for connectivity
■ 2pm-6pm: Simple connectivity
Day 2:
■ 9pm- 1pm: Advanced connectivity
■ 2pm-5pm: Connectivity flow
■ 5pm-6pm: Knowledge management and Q&A


Day 1: Automatically create and validate a SystemC IP from its specification
■ Introduction to Virtual Prototyping
■ Quick SystemC refresh
■ Quick tour of IP-XACT
■ Package and validate a Virtual IP
○ Step-by-Step flow
■ Debug and configure (with gdb) both the systemC and the eSW
■ Hands-on (lab1)
■ Build and validate a simple SystemC ADC IP
Day 2: Automatically create and execute a reusable and reconfigurable Virtual Prototype
■ Assemble, configure and execute a complete Virtual System

○ Step-by-Step flow
○ Configure the Virtual Prototype
■ Execute, Debug and Analyse results
■ Hands-on (lab2)
■ Build a basic Virtual Prototype capable of booting Linux and running an embedded application SW
■ Wrap-up
Day 3: For advanced-users, SystemC modeling