Magillem Vision & mission

Help High Value Added Companies to Sustainably Leverage their Business Expertise

Magillem is a next generation of Product Data management automation for better knowledge / IP reuse delivering unprecedented ROI over traditional methodology.

Magillem is both an enabler and a witness of the adoption of XML standards and their gaining momentum in the industry.
How do architects, designers, verification engineers, software developers, technical writers and all contributors of a system keep synchronized all together?
Playing together in synch is a matter of collaborating and linking information following the right method.

Magillem’s revolutionary vision is to provide common data models for everyone to work on and ensure coherency with a Hub of Links connecting together eclectic sources of information. This is a non-destructive approach to existing data bases and CAD tools. With Magillem’s vision, impacts along the entire flow are identified and assessed through the life cycle of the project.
With over a decade of experience improving design methodology and strong of a powerful data model based on an IEEE industry standard, Magillem is well positioned to deploy its ISDD vision for enhancing the entire project’s life cycle, – a vision for an Integrated Specification, Design and Documentation process.
Adopting Magillem’s concepts can help achieve higher productivity with a more integrated flow.
Magillem integrates documentation early on in the cycle by linking the design directly to both the specification and the technical content. The beauty of ISDD is that semantic links are created on data structures, requirements, test plans, even software sequences and more.

All this is possible thanks to XML technologies – a set of rules for encoding information in a format that is both human and machine readable.
With ISDD ® :

Optimizing the development cycle
Handling large volumes of data
Preserving and synchronising data and links
Enabling well informed decision making
A process ensuring traceability and certification « by construction »
Without ISDD ® :

Duplication of efforts
Loss of valuable information
Lack accessibility to data
Increase customers risks
Extend development cycle
Lesser quality of deliverables
No reusability of assets
In the long run, what we do is helping high value added companies to gain sustainable leverage on their business expertise.

The implementation of the ISDD® vision will transform the development cycle of new designs and systems as it allows effective re-use of preexisting work, knowledge, documentation, now stored in a referential.

Magillem is the catalyst of your Methodology transformation.