About us

Magillem is a Leading Provider of Complex Design Flow and Content Management Software Solutions.

  • Magillem has developed an easy-to-use, state of the art platform to cover electronic systems design flow challenges in a context where complexity, interoperability and design re-use are becoming critical issues to manage design cycle time of SoC.
  • Magillem integrated design environment offers a non-disruptive framework, a backbone to the design flow, providing fluidity, flexibility, seamless execution of the entire flow and better control to designers.
  • Thanks to early focus on XML, the company has quickly become a specialist of design and content automation, offering a multi-industry and cross-disciplinary approach to its clients.
  • Magillem’s innovative technology now enables the integration of specification, design and documentation into a unique process.
  • Magillem solutions allow organizations which produce a large amount of data and heterogeneous documents from various sources, to reuse compounded and accumulated knowledge, providing management of valuable business content and productivity gains, without disturbing existing processes.
  • Clients are first tier SoC manufacturers, content publishers and high-end industrials engaged in the research, design, development and integration of advanced technology systems and products, or complex content publishing.

Our value added… is twofold:

  • Operationally: our solution helps develop tools already in place, limits turbulence caused by changes, improves methodologies, preserves intangible capital, introduces a workflow that is optimized, long-term and open. We facilitate access to information, communication and collaboration.
  • Strategically: by prioritizing business processes and the unstructured information used to document such processes, we make companies more competitive, improve productivity, lessen the risk new developments will fail, provide independence to business experts from software sellers, facilitate the reuse of expertise, alliances, updated synergies, M&A and innovation.
Founded in 2006, HQ in Paris, France, Magillem has presence in 12 countries and the company is listed on Euronext.