Academic programs

MAGILLEM is partnering with engineering schools and universities all over the world to contribute to research efforts into the next generation of EDA.

MAGILLEM Academic Program allows students, scientists, researchers and members of Faculties to freely access its software, once their project has been submitted and approved. MAGILLEM’s firm belief is that cooperation between Education and Industry is a cornerstone for progress in our industry: micro-electronics can only benefit from such strong relationships. MAGILLEM will do as much as possible to encourage those initiatives and lead them whenever it is possible. Already participating in numerous European Projects Consortiums including University labs, MAGILLEM wants to further promote those alliances via the Academic Program.


To apply, please send your projects to Please make sure to include the following:

      1. Information about your university, lab, school, yourself, and the responsible faculty member (if applicable)

      2. Information about your project, application, timeframe, and your intended use of MAGILLEM

      3. A description of your intended technical collateral to be available during and after the project is completed

      4. A list of other products or tools that you are using or plan to use with your project.

Once your project reviewed and accepted, you will be granted a license to use MAGILLEM technology for an agreed-upon time frame. There is no fee for the program. If you have any questions, please send email to MAGILLEM Academic Program is open to accredited Universities, schools and research labs.