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picto_MRVMagillem Register View : Collaborative work on Register View of systems and IPs
picto_MCSMCS Magillem Checker Suite  : to ensure the coherency of design database references
MDL picto_MDLDesign Life Management : Derivative design: IP Update, design diff and merge, incremental changes
MGS picto_MGSMagillem Generator Studio  : a workshop to build and debug flow scripts
MIP picto_MIPIP-XACT Packager  : to index your IP repository in a pivot IEEE format
MPA picto_MPAMagillem Platform Assembly  : to create and manage designs (with power management and I/O)
MRE picto_MRERegister Engine : develop, elaborate and compile Register Descriptions using SystemRDL
MSE picto_MSESequence Editor : to link functional description, requirements, register sequences and code
UVM picto_UVMRequirement based UVM Verification and Traceability Generation of UVM compliant Test Benches for Industrial Systems using IP-XACT with UVM-SystemC and SystemC AMS
MCP picto_MCP For design and documentation teams in electronic and semiconductor industries
MXS picto_X-Spec X-Spec: For embedded Software and Software-driven verification teams
MCB: picto_CrystalBulb Crystal Bulb: Extract meaningful information from the design database
REV’ENGE: picto_Revenge Capture and trace all the information on your designs

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