• Difficulty for all stakeholders to use, see, exchange, and share the same knowledge
  • Difficulty for multidisciplinary remote teams to collaborate efficiently
  • Lack of collaborative tools to access and collect company knowledge assets
  • Benefits

  • Consistent information exchanged between all stakeholders
  • Shorter design iteration steps
  • Non-disruptive with respect to data, IT, [More…]
  • Solutions

  • An infrastructure that guarantees the consistency of all the information shared by all stakeholders, ensuring non ambiguous information sharing, independently from the project size and the variety of user profiles
  • A unique, non destructive environment for knowledge sharing of hardware, software, documentation, and executable specifications
  • For more information

    Collaboration enables stakeholders to maximize their efficiency when working on knowledge assets.

    More specifically for embedded systems, collaboration and alignment of stakeholders provide the following benefits:

  • Shorten iterations all along the design cycle thanks to a transparent workflow that enables all project stakeholders to manage effectively the information assets processed all along the project lifecycle.
  • A powerful integration of dedicated tools like MS-Word, Excel, DOORS, Magillem EDA in the content management framework, which enables stakeholders to work seamlessly with design data and their related content, and therefore to maximize knowledge coherency and accuracy. The work environment is not disrupted and preserves the preferred tools and models of the different team members.
  • Facilitates calls for tenders and project management
  • Transparency of the review process: the status of the review process for each item is visible. Filters help reviewers focus on specific business areas. This facilitates the implementation of a dedicated business workflow.
  • Significant gains in terms of quality, a facilitated and fine-grain error detection process, and above all a final release much more coherent thanks to a tight network of links connecting logically all content pieces all along the different project stages.