• Ensure that the embedded systems comply with the original requirements and become better integrated within their environment
  • Keeping links between resources
  • Difficulty to dynamically track changes across all resources
  • Benefits

  • Fine-grain traceability of all resources, down to design data
  • Save time and money on lengthy and costly certification reviews
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    A fully-fledged traceability management framework for creating, editing, and managing interdependencies, with analysis of change impacts.

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  • As embedded systems become more closely integrated with their environment and include more extensive functionalities, ensuring that they comply strictly with the original customer requirements becomes a challenging task, for the following reasons:
    Systems and their associated requirements come in many heterogeneous formats
    The engineering domains involved are more and more diverse
    The volume of data and information produced and exchanged along the design flows keeps increasing
    Design activities and their integrated specificities are fragmented

  • To help bridge the traceability gap and better manage all the information and data flows, Magillem Link Tracer and Magillem Content Publisher provide an incremental traceability framework that offers the following benefits:
    Full management and consistency of information across documents, design and validation elements, all along the systems development lifecycle
    Automated link setting using business rules
    Manual capture of experts knowledge for exceptions and empiric rules
    Graphic monitoring and visualization of interdependencies, with navigation facilities
    Change impact analysis to facilitate design decisions
    Consolidation mechanisms and APIs to develop customized consolidation reporting tools

  • This powerful toolset reduces the verification and validation efforts when performing iterative modifications, improves the overall performance of the system designed, and prepares the ground for certification.