• Validate functional requirements earlier in the design cycle.
  • Develop and debug software long before hardware is made available.
  • Synchronize software and hardware development.
  • Benefits

  • Let you predict the behavior of your software on your target hardware very early in the design cycle, by combining traceability and functional debug/analysis at run time.
  • Save time in debug and iterations between [More…]
  • Solutions

  • A virtualization technology for your hardware platforms that improves scalability, reuse, and that ensures the coherency between all the representations of your hardware
  • A framework for linking hardware and software requirements, their implementation and their execution
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    The ever-increasing size and complexity of embedded systems require software development to start earlier to have a chance to ship the product on time and to remain compliant with requirements. Companies must ensure proper software integration ahead of board/FPGA manufacturing to mitigate the cost and risks associated with hardware-dependent software defects.

    In this context, Magillem provides a standard-based virtualization technology that allows system designers to quickly build a virtual prototype of the electronic device and execute the embedded software on it, way before the physical hardware implementation is ready. This executable specification shows the added value of the device, facilitates the collaborative work and interactions across multidisciplinary teams, and synchronizes automatically all system components thanks to a unified hub of links.

    With Magillem virtualization solution, you can use this executable specification to demonstrate to your stakeholders the added value of your electronic product, debug your models very early in your development cycle, and find quickly all components and versions that are impacted by changes in your requirement specifications.