The IP-XACT (standardized as IEEE 1685) specifications, delivered by Accellera, are enabling and standardizing effective IP reuse. Members of the consortium include more than 150 EDA providers, IP providers (ARM…) or system integrators . The IP-XACT specificationss are defining human-readable documentation for language-independent, interoperable IP module descriptions and tool interfaces using an XML databook format. The IP-XACT description can document for example an IP interface, its registers and bit fields, pointers to the VHDL or SystemC files which define its RTL or TLM implementation, or its software views.
IP-XACT provides a common specification mechanism to:
ESL Ecosystem around IP-XACT
  • Ensure delivery of compatible IP descriptions from multiple IP vendors
  • Better enable importing and exporting complex IP to/from/between EDA tools
  • Better express configurable IP using IP meta-data
  • Better enable provision of EDA vendor-neutral IP creation and configuration scripts
IP-XACT deliverables are composed of:
  • IP meta-data schema
  • BusDef (Bus Definitions)
  • Component (Component schema for cores, peripherals, buses and components)
  • Syntax and semantic rules
  • 2 Configuration and Generation interfaces
  • TGI (Tight Generator Interface) provides a standard method to link tools into an IP-XACT enabled SoC design environment

IP-XACT Compliance Lab

An IP-XACT IEEE 1685 standard Test Lab

■ Are you ready for IP-XACT? We can help you:

  • Semiconductor manufacturers: migration of the database and the design flow
  • EDA vendors : conformity of the tools interfaces with IP-XACT IEEE 1685 standard
  • IP Providers: IP metadata description and configuration nutshell


■ We audit the existing industrial flows and propose a work plan to adapt them to the IP-XACT specifications.
■ We validate and verify the full interoperability of tools interfaces into a flow testbench
■ We test the IP deliverables against a benchmark using our: IP-XACT Packager and check IP integration properties onto a test system.

Our offering includes software modules that guarantee early adopters with full ascending conformity of their IP files to any future upgrade of the IP-XACT specifications.


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