Magillem Architecture Intent (MAI) is a front-end design environment that enables you to build the architecture of your system, either from the software map (software intent flow), or from the block diagram (hardware intent flow).
MAI generates an IP-XACT description of your designs—thus enabling the full compliance and traceability of your systems top-down and bottom-up, across software and hardware intent flows [More…]


  • Bridges the gap between software intent and hardware refinement, thus enabling you to keep both software and hardware ends synchronized
  • End-to-end traceability and consistency, from software design to hardware refinement [More…]

  • On the software end : captures your systems from the software system map, and generates an early hardware system description. Accepts standard input formats : Excel, CMSIS, SysRDL (with MRE).
  • On the hardware end : captures your system from the hardware block diagram, and ensures the synchronization between your hardware refinement [More…]