Magillem Crystal Bulb (MCB) is a design environment that enables SoC stakeholders to view, track, monitor and share efficiently all their design objects stored on a central server via a thin client Web browser.
A tight integration with Magillem EDA tools enables MCB users to benefit from dedicated editors, APIs and generators used in the design flow to edit and query all the objects stored in the design database, and to generate real-time, customizable reports on their design data.


  • Edit and navigate design information and extra-functional metadata in the same environment
  • Fine-grain monitoring of your designs : capacity to set alerts on source changes and updates, cross-correlation and coherency checker [More…]

  • Monitor the design database all along the production phase, and provide a powerful query and search mechanism coupled with a sophisticated linking facility
  • Using filters, retrieve and compare multiple IP facets and characteristics with the original specifications (v2)