Magillem Design Life Management (MDL) provides a set of advanced functionalities to address IP/SoC integrators who work on complex IP-XACT platforms and who face the challenges of managing complex SoC assembly lifecycles: IP updates, design diff and merge, and ongoing incremental changes with agressive time-to-market constraints.


  • For the IP provider : facilitated management of IP modifications between two versions
  • For the IP/SoC integrator : automated IP updates, assessment of IP modifications before integration, diff and merge of parallel modifications [More…]
  • Features

  • IP update : a user-friendly diff GUI to track fine-grain changes across two versions of IP-XACT component descriptions, capability to define custom rules to manage component changes, ECO feature (rebuild the frozen IP boundary after RTL freeze)
  • IP migration : automatic update of all or part of IP-instances at all hierarchical levels of a platform, based on the same set of custom or automatic rules [More…]