Magillem IP-XACT Packager is a scalable and fully automated solution that captures your legacy IP libraries from a wide range of formats, automatically creates an IP-XACT certified description, and enables you to import automatically legacy component libraries, thus facilitating the integration of your IP with any client directory structure.


  • For the IP provider: defines an IP in a reusable format that facilitates the IP configuration, implementation and verification. Provides a correct by construction IP-XACT description without any prerequisite IP-XACT expertise. [More…]

  • Targets any IP-XACT version, whether legacy (1.0 to 1 .4), or IEEE 1685 standard
  • Guarantees the valididy of generated files against IP-XACT grammar, semantics, and the Spirit/Accellera Consortium guidelines
  • Captures IP from many different formats, and supports any kind [More…]