« One platform, no hassle » : Magillem Platform Assembly (MPA) is a powerful and intuitive Integrated Design Environment to guide designers when configuring and assembling their platforms. MPA also helps streamline the exploration and the implementation of IP-based systems.
Magillem Platform Assembly can be used either as a stand-alone solution for assembling and interconnecting IPs, or in combination with other Magillem products like MIP to build [More…]


  • For hardware and software architects : provides an efficient environment to streamline architecture exploration and definition.
  • For IP providers : packages IP in a reusable format to guide IP integrators through all [More…]

  • A complete graphic platform editor, which enables designers to build a complete view of their system with all the interconnections. In addition, MPA includes advanced parameterization tools, a reusable methodology, and collaborative features.
  • A digital and/or analog design environment [More…]