Magillem Registers Engine (MRE) offers an advanced register language that lets you develop, elaborate, and compile register descriptions from various formats.
You can also mix various types of register descriptions, such as SystemRDL, Excel, IP-XACT IEEE 1685 XML formats and documentation in MS-Word or DITA, for example. In particular, MRE provides the best in class SystemRDL 1.0 parser.


  • For architects: Facilitates file and memory map editing, supports various formats.
  • For design engineers: Makes it easy to maintain information about registers and memory map. Fosters a collaborative approach [More…]

  • Provides an integration hub for registers : by aggregating register data, MRE elaborates and compiles the system memory map of a full system, or the memory map of an IP portfolio.
  • Generates outputs and views for design, verification, documentation, software development, debug, and Excel tables [More…]