Magillem Register View (MRV) provides a cost-effective, scalable and collaborative solution to manage register views of systems and IPs. Based on the IP-XACT standard, MRV addresses today’s challenges of hardware and software integration of complex systems on chip (SoCs).
At the junction of software, hardware and documentation flows, MRV enables you to connect with other Magillem tools : Magillem Sequence Editor (MSE), Magillem Platform Assembly (MPA) [More…]


  • Reduce errors and tedious tasks : synchronization ensured between HW, SW and documentation databases and automatic generation of multiple and customizable output formats.
  • Tool and register description format [More…]
  • Features

  • Integration of configurable IP register descriptions (up to thousands of registers) delivered by multiple different vendors in a hierarchical system.
  • Register and System management: IP/System Memory Map capture and management GUI to address register complexity (50-100k registers) that integrates seamlesssly with any client legacy format. [More…]