Magillem Software Exec (MSX) includes a unique set of features to automate the creation and the configuration of Virtual Prototyping platforms from a library of open source SystemC models of Processors, Memories, Interconnects and Peripherals packaged in IP-XACT.
Based on the open source SystemC standard simulator, Magillem Software Exec provides a simple and straightforward solution to execute, debug, and analyze your cross-compiled software [More…]


  • Reusable and vendor-neutral flow thanks to native integration of IP-XACT standard
  • Enables software development and software-driven validation teams to quickly validate… [More…]
  • Features

  • Based on the open IEEE SystemC TLM and IP-XACT standards
  • Includes a direct path to the Accellera Open SystemC simulator
  • Integrates best-in-class technologies developed by two Magillem partners : processor simulation models from Imperas and TLM technology from ST Microelectronics.