Magillem X-Spec virtualization technology enables you to develop and validate embedded software for your electronic devices, systems, and systems of systems.
You can use X-Spec to capture IoT nodes and assemble them into network of nodes, or for a variety of complex tasks including the simulation of your entire system, the checking of its functional behavior, its responsiveness or its power consumption, and the management of system test sequences.


  • Quickly build a virtual prototype of your electronic device way before the physical hardware board is ready, and run an executable demo based on your product specification : X-Spec acts as an early demonstrator of the added-value [More…]

  • Automatic virtualization of an electronic device from the specification phase
  • Capture, assembly, and execution of embedded software
  • Management of coherency and consistency of various implementations, expressed in many formats, for multiple configurations, variants, and derivatives [More…]