Magillem is a software Publisher … and more

In addition to TBL software licenses featuring maintenance and technical support for our products, we also provide Solutions and Services including installation, customization, development, assistance, tailored training programs for our software applications and technology.

Using our own versatile Magillem toolbox, we are well equipped to offer a wide range of services


  • Analyzing customers database specifics and customizing our IP-XACT Packager accordingly
  • Implementing new features to meet customer‘s requirements
  • Designing complex IP specific configuration nutshells
  • Designing and implementing system configuration dashboard and custom checkers


  • Streamlining Flow process
  • Developing and integrating specific point tools
  • Developing & integrating tools for the global architecture of a start-to-end ESL flow
NB : There is no adherence to any outside technologies; Magillem modules are based on Eclipse™, IBM’s open-source environment: all our developments and settings belong to Magillem. We are often called upon to provide consulting and oversight on issues involving datasets, metadata, IP reuse, high-added-value content management, and sector-content “reuse” methodologies. Results of such studies do not necessarily dictate the purchase of a software solution or development.